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Tampa Firearms is a virtual firearms dealer located in the Tampa Bay Area.

Buy local and save the transfer fee!

Glock 42 IN Stock $425
Glock 43 IN Stock $475
Glock 19 IN STOCK $550
Glock 40 IN STOCK $740

AR15 'Ultimate Pistol' is back in stock!

We now sell the S&W 500 Revolver, 50 cal, the most powerful production handgun in the world. Get yours today. Great for hunting and personal protection against Alaskan Bears! Will take down any animal that roams the earth.

Check out our new Lower Sale Prices on the Order Form Page and the AR15 page!!!

We are an FFL-07 Tampa gun dealer/manufacturer and Class 2/Class 3 Dealer of NFA weapons. We are your Tampa gun store.

We operate a virtual store where you can order and pay for items over the internet. Federal background checks must be approved before any firearm can be delivered to you.

We primarily offer a variety of suppressors (silencers) in popular calibers.

We have just added NRA Firearms Training to our services. Private Firearms Training available.

If you buy your firearm through an out of area dealer, you can have it shipped to us to handle the local transfer through our FFL. Cost will be $25 cash. We have worked with many out of state dealers on transfers.

You can also have your suppressor, SBR or other NFA item shipped to us for local transfer and holding while you await the NFA Branch of ATF to approve your Doc Stamp. Cost is $100 cash plus the ATF fees. Contact us to see if it is cheaper to buy directly from us and save the $100+ transfer fee. As an online dealer our overhead is lower than the big box stores. And you can't take your suppressor home for 8-10 months anyway.

Background checks through FDLE are $5 and are required on all transfers and purchases.

Before placing any order you should contact us to determine the current availability. We can get many items in just a few days while other high demand items may take weeks, or we may have some hard to find items like the Glock 19 Gen 4 in stock and Glock 42 in stock.

Note: This is not a brick and mortar storefront, we are an online gun dealer, so place your order on this website.

Are Suppressors Legal?

Is it legal to own a suppressor (aka silencer)? Yes, in most states. However you have to file an ATF application and pay a tax of $200. Since ATF/NFA just shut down their e-file system, it will now take about 7 months for the applications to get processed through ATF, and while you have to pay for the suppressor up front, you cannot take possession of it until the ATF application has been approved and you receive your Doc Stamp. Your FFL Class 2/3 dealer must store it for you.

Florida recently approved suppressors for use in hunting as recommended by the Florida Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission. See the new law for details.