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FFL Transfers

If you buy your firearm through an out of area dealer, you can have it shipped to us to handle the local transfer through our FFL. Cost will be $35 for each handgun, long gun, and receiver (non NFA items).

We do not ship to California.

Background checks through FDLE are $5 for all items picked up at one time. The fee must be paid in cash before the background check is run per Florida Statutes.

Both are required for Inbound transfers. In-house purchases do not pay the transfer fee.

If you are having your firearm transferd to us, you MUST send us an email with your name, phone, address, the specific items being transfered, and the name, phone and email of the gun shop that will be shipping it to us, and the tracking numbers of the shipment. That way we can properly track the item and know when it will be delivered. This enables us to call you as soon as the item arrives so we can arrange a time for you to pick it up. ATF does require us to do a bit of paperwork before we can turn it over to you.

Sometimes we are out of town for several days or weeks and we do not want your firearm sitting around waiting to get processed, so you must notify us in advance if you want us to handle your transfer.

You cannot pick up your gun as soon as the carrier delivers it. First we do not have someone sitting around waiting for your specific gun to arrive at an unknown time during the day. It must then be unpackaged and inspected for ATF required details. ATF requires a specific process to log your gun into our official record books, file the incoming paperwork, and properly secure your gun. We must pre-fill out part of the ATF paperwork identifying your gun. Then we need to retrieve your contact info (name, email and phone). We will then send you an email that your gun has been received and that you should contact us to make an appointment to fill out the ATF paperwork and have us run an FDLE background check on you. All that takes time, and we have other things scheduled to be doing every day. We try to make most deliveries by the business day after your gun is received. We can't schedule your pick up until we have your gun in hand and have done all that ATF requires because we really don't know what time or even what day USPS, UPS or FedEx will actually make the delivery. They often have 'delivery exceptions'. So if your gun comes in during the afternon it most likely will be processed the next business day. If this is not acceptable to you then kindly select another FFL Dealer.

We will also ship your firearm out of state for you to a remote FFL dealer. The cost is a $50 outbound transfer fee, packaging cost and actual shipping/postage.

If we are shipping a firearm you are buying from us, then we do not charge a transfer fee, just the packaging and shipping. The receiving dealer will charge you a transfer fee.

We ship long guns and handguns by USPS Priority Mail and UPS Insured. Ammo cannot be mailed, you can send it yourself by UPS or FedEx by following their guidelines. If you insist we will send it for you with a $50 service fee plus packaging and shipping cost, or, but why not just take it to the Lutz Mail Depot or other shipping center, and let the shipping experts ship it. Some dealers will not accept firearms from individuals, only dealers.

If we need to store your transfered firearms overnight, either because you are unable to pick it up the day it came in, we will discard the shipping boxes and packaging. We have to store firearms in a safe and boxes do not fit in safes. If your transfered rifle came in a gun case, they will be separated and only the rifle stored in the safe, as gun cases do not fit in safes.