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We custom assemble AR15s from precision components. Because we are also a Certified Gunsmith and Certified Glock Armorer, we can customize your AR15 for you before delivery. See our Gallery for examples of what we have done for others and what we can do for you.

The full line of Core AR15 Rifles and AR Pistols, parts and subassemblies are available through our shop, including AR15s, Uppers, Lowers. We can custom configure almost any package you want. Contact us with what you are wanting to do, and we will put together a quote for you.

Aero Precison AR15s .223/5.56mm/300BlackOut in various barrel lenghts. Legal Pistol configurations available. Email or call for desired custom weapon price quote.

AR15 Pistol Aero Precision

Aero Precision AR15 5.56 7.5" Pistol 4" free float quad rail. See Order Form to order. $700 as you see it. Ready to ship!

Note that 300 BO Pistols and SBRs with 7.5" barrels do not cycle well with subsonic ammo. 10.5" 300 BO Pistols and SBRs will cycle with most subsonic ammo. Short barrels are designed to work with a suppressor when using subsonic ammo. As always you must test your ammo in your gun as not all ammo will cycle in all guns, and we have no control over how you or your supplier loads their ammo.

We currently have 10.5" AR15 Pistols (no NFA required) using Aero Precision uppers and lowers with Bergara precision barrels and custioned pistol buffer tubes so they do not require NFA tax like an SBR (short barreled rifle), and no waiting 9 months for your tax stamp to come back. You can pick it up from your local dealer as soon as we mail it. We use barrels from Aero Precision and Bergara which supplies quality products.

Aero Precision, which got its start manufacturing aerospace products, has a long reputation for superior upper and lower receivers. They make all of the parts to assemble a complete AR15, and also sell a few completely assembled AR15. Tampa Firearms uses those precision components to assemble the AR15 configuration you are looking for. We have components for many configurations in stock and get any specialty products from our many fine wholesalers.

We can make an AR15 that is legal for you to take home today. Some clients prefer that we initially configure it so it is legal to shoot today while they wait for the NFA tax stamp to arrive and then reconfigure it to be an SBR.

Q: What is the difference between an AR15 SBR and a legal AR15 Pistol? A: An SBR has a rifle stock (can be fired from the shoulder), a barrel less than 16" or overall length less than 26". A legal Pistol has never had a rifle shoulder stock attached and was originally registered or transfered as a pistol, has a barrel less than 16", and no vertical foregrip but the angled Magpul foregrips and the Sig Arm Brace are legal.

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Any other source you have for detail selecting your firearm. Be sure to include source, make, model, type firearm, caliber, barrel length, options, part number or sku, and any other info to be sure we get you what you are looking for. Email this info to .



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