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Gunsmithing services are no longer offered.

If you are thinking about taking your gun apart beyond field stripping and you are not a certified gunsmith:

1. read your firearm waranty

2. be sure you have a very clear detail drawing and labeled parts list for your model

3. find a video on You-Tube about disassembly/reassembly that shows you how to get all of the little parts back in the right places

4. have a clean, freshly swept workbench and floor covered with something that the tiny springs and pins will not bounce off

5. take digital sequence pictures of each part before and after you remove it and count the pieces

6. place the parts on a labeled diagram of your gun so you can tell the difference between similar parts when you go to put it back together

7. have proper tools for you gun

8. if you have parts leftover when you get it back together, take it to your local gunsmith along with all of your documentation and digital pictures

9. if you are missing parts when you put it together, check off each part from your list as you put it on and find out which part you are missing - you or your gunsmith might will have to order the part from the manufacturer

10. if you still want to take it apart yourself, ask yourself why you really need to take it apart, and is it worth the potential risk and cost of not reassembling it correctly?

11. There are a very few good reasons to completely disassemble a gun, but not many. Most manufacturers designed their guns so the end user never needs to go beyond the field stripping in order to clean it.