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We are an approved Class 2/3 SOT Dealer of NFA items like silencers.

We have suppressors on order at major distributers so we can offer you the widest selection, and we have some popular models in stock.

Are Suppressors Legal?

Is it legal to own a suppressor (aka silencer)? Yes, in most states. However you have to file an ATF application and pay a tax of $200. Since ATF/NFA just shut down their e-file system, it will now take about 5 months for the applications to get processed through ATF, and while you have to pay for the suppressor up front, you cannot take possession of it until the ATF application has been approved and you receive your Doc Stamp. Your FFL SOT Class 2/3 dealer must store it for you.

You can also have your suppressor or other NFA item shipped to us for local transfer and holding while you await the NFA Branch of ATF to approve your Doc Stamp. Cost is $100 plus the ATF fees.

We primarily offer a variety of suppressors (silencers) in popular calibers. Watch for availability in 9mm, .40, .45, .223/.556mm, .308/7.62mm.

Some models of suppressors can be used for several calibers by simply changing the adapter. Buy the largest caliber suppressor for your handguns and use it on smaller calibers. The same is true for rifle suppressors. This saves you the cost not only of the suppressors, but also the $200 tax per suppressor. With smaller caliber guns using the larger caliber suppressors the noise reduction will not be quite as great as with one made specifically for that caliber, but still a significant reduction in the damaging noise reaching your eardrum.

There are many makes and models of suppressors on the market today. If you have a favorite one in mind, contact us to check on price and availability. If you don't know where to start, we can make some recommendations, but it largely comes down to your personal preference and budget. Search online and look at the performance specs of each suppressor.We have personal experience with several different suppressors but that doesn't mean they are the best fit for your needs.

Buy local and save the $100 transfer fee.

See Gallery for mounted suppressors on several guns.

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